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Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you enjoyed it. We will be continuing to update it with images and videos of our experiences and travels in history.

Photography is our passion. Reading books, watching old movies and looking at old photographs, dancing and listening to classical music are things we both really enjoy. A combination of all of these interests led to the decision to take an active part in re-enactment events, recording trips to museums and other historical places. We have a deep appreciation for the amazing people of the past that shaped this countries present . Our aim is to speak to veterans, meet like-minded people and record as much as possible for our future generations so that these important events live on.


1940's and WW2 themed events are fantastic places to go. There is such a community feel and positive atmosphere. We have met amazing people who spent their free time and a lot of money to make our history a living history. Hope to see you there!






Ray and Pat Hall

I was delighted to receive the photographs,they were exactly what we were trying to achieve when you kindly extended the hand of friendship which in these days is hard to find.
Thank you once again for your kindness, we are pleased to know that there are people like you in this country,God bless you both


Thank you so much for the photos they look really good. Its nice to see
some photo's of are self's we have so many taken but never get to see

Thank you so much once again.

Paul & Maureen

Many thanks for the beautiful photos, they are certainly a wonderful memento
to keep.   I only take one historic vehicle at a time to any Show, as 
they are all a bit difficult to drive

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